Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags
Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags
Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags
Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags

VPIL Corporate Desk

Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL). This page has the related informtion for Share Holders and some information of the company.

Director List

AGM Report

AGM Report of 2015-2016 AGM Report of 2016-2017 AGM Report of 2017-2018

Audit Report

Audit Report of 15-16 Audit Report of 16-17 Audit Report of 17-18

Compliance Certificate

Compliance Certificate 17-03-31 Compliance Certificate 17-09-30 Compliance Certificate 18-03-31 Compliance Certificate 18-09-30

Audited Results

Audited Results of 2016-17 Audited Results of 2017-18

Un-Audited Results

Un-Audited Results of 2016-06-30 Un-Audited Results of 2016-09-30 Un-Audited Results of 2016-12-31

Un-Audited Results of 2017-06-30 Un-Audited Results of 2017-09-30 Un-Audited Results of 2017-12-31

Un-Audited Results of 2018-06-30 Un-Audited Results of 2018-09-30 Un-Audited Results of 2018-12-31

Investor Complaints

Investor Complaint of 2016-06-30 Investor Complaint of 2016-09-30 Investor-Complaint of 2016-12-31

Investor Complaint of 2017-06-30 Investor Complaint of 2017-09-30 Investor-Complaint of 2017-12-31

Investor Complaint of 2018-03-31 Investor Complaint of 2018-06-30 Investor Complaint of 2018-09-30 Investor-Complaint of 2018-12-31

Share Holding Pattern

Shareholding Pattern of 2016-06-30 Shareholding Pattern of 2016-09-30 Shareholding Pattern of 2016-12-31

Shareholding Pattern of 2017-03-31 Shareholding Pattern of 2017-06-30 Shareholding Pattern of 2017-09-30 Shareholding Pattern of 2017-12-31

Shareholding Pattern of 2018-03-31 Shareholding Pattern of 2018-06-30 Shareholding Pattern of 2018-09-30 Shareholding Pattern of 2018-12-31

VPIL - The Type A FIBC & UN Bag Manufacturer