Disallowed attachments in email

VPIL email system now filters disallowed attachment types besides performing normal virus/spam-filtering procedures. If incoming message contains one or more disallowed file type, all attachments are removed and recipient is informed about this. This is a very common method to try and prevent malicious attachments that are activated by user by mistake. Even though there are separate countermeasures within JAMK workstations, it is not enough.

Disallowed filetypes can all contain malicious code. System scans also all archives, so it does not help to create archives that contain disallowed attachments. If you need the attachment that is on this list, please ask the sender to deliver it by using some other method.

Disallowed file types:
.ace .ade .adp .ani .app .asp .bas .bat .cer .chm .cmd .com .cpl .crt .csh .der .dll .docm .dos .exe .fxp .gadget .hlp .Hta .Inf .Ins .Isp .Its .jar .js .Jse .Ksh .Lnk .mad .maf .mag .mam .maq .mar .mas .mat .mau .mav .maw .mda .mdb .mde .mdt .mdw .mdz .msc .msh .msh1 .msh1xml .msh2 .msh2xml .mshxml .msi .msp .mst .obj .ops .os2 .pcd .pif .plg .prf .prg .ps1 .ps1xml .ps2 .ps2xml .psc1 .psc2 .pst .rar .reg .scf .scr .sct .shb .shs .tmp .url .vb .vbe .vbs .vsmacros .vsw .vxd .w16 .ws .wsc .wsf .wsh .xnk

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